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Energy, Innovation, Efficiency: Calcium Carbide

For over a century, the chemical energy delivered by calcium carbide has powered industrial innovation, making it a vital raw material for a diverse range of basic industry needs. Calcium Carbide is the premier slag-conditioning and desulfurizing agent for iron and steel; carbide produces acetylene gas - a precursor to many specialty chemicals and is a valuable tool for construction; and carbide is crucial in cleaning pollutants from our environment. Carbide Industries' capabilities deliver bottom line results through higher efficiency processes, higher quality product, and improved return on investment.



Who uses Calcium Carbide? It reacts chemically, physically, and exothermically in slags and is lower in cost than silicon-based materials. It is a stronger reducing agent in steel than magnesium. It provides a more powerful neutralizing agent for the environment than soda ash. It produces a hotter flame than polypropylene. It is the precursor for dozens of chemicals we use everyday. It is safe, incredibly cost effective, and every amp of electricity and pound of lime and coke used in its manufacture comes from the USA.




Granulated calcium carbide takes advantage of safe, timely, and cost-saving bulk delivery all the way to your process. Carbide Industries not only loads palletized cans and drums, a fleet of pressure-differential railcars ships 180,000 lb quantities and P-D trailers ship 40,000 lbs of bulk carbide throughout North America. The versatile, refillable, 5,000 lb "flo-bin" is an excellent bulk solution for most of our customers. Shipped via truck or flatcar and stored outdoors, a flo-bin is the right size to be moved by a fork truck and brought directly to your process.




We truly believe "your success is our future". We completely rebuilt our furnace in 2012 to provide an annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons of calcium carbide. Our operations are certified to the ISO9001 quality standard. We provide face-to-face start-up assistance and practice development from our engineering experts. And we remain committed to you with technical assistance, optimization, and trouble-shooting of your processes. Our support extends to the individual operators with safe handling training, and technical training.




At CI, calcium carbide is all we do. We produce it in the largest, newest, and most advanced carbide furnace in this hemisphere, and then crush it to specific size ranges. This is a basic and proven process, but we continue to grow as steelmakers seek lower costs and cleaner steel and as we find more useful ways to exploit the energy delivered from calcium carbide.




We have a group of downloadable documents on our website that you will find very helpful when using calcium carbide. They come with an invitation to utilize our well-traveled industry experts to assist you in selection, testing, justification, and trouble-shooting, as well as safety and technical training.

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