For your safety, all containers and shipments of Carbide Industries' calcium carbide are designed and engineered to have the safety features and labelling required to meet all U.S. Government requirements, including the Department of Transportation and OSHA. For your ease of use, we ship calcium carbide in 10, 25, 50, 100, 300 and 600 lb cans and drums, 5,000 lb reusable flo-bin containers, tanker trucks, and railcars. A 55 gallon drum may also contain 22 10-kg polybags of carbide.


The selection of the carbide container not only has a lot to do with the delivered price of the product, but also with how the carbide will be introduced into your process.




For optimimum economy, calcium carbide is able to be delivered via 40,000 lb pressure-differential (P-D) trucks and 180,000 lb P-D railcars. Carrying a powdered size of calcium carbide, this equipment can pneumatically dispense its contents directly into receiving silos.


The reusable flo-bin totes are also able to be shipped via flatbed truck or flatcar. Cans and drums are palletized and secured onto tarped flatbeds or into closed trucks for shipment.

Carbide Industries maintains a fleet of railcars and has longstanding contracts with trucking companies who are very familiar with our routes and our customers. Warehouses also store our carbide at strategic locations in order to keep your costs down.

Finally, every reusable shipping container, from a flo-bin to a railcar is inspected prior to being filled with calcium carbide. These containers have built-in safety features that need to work properly in order to be safely handled. Any issues are repaired in our shop. A system is also in place whereby any problems with containers are found, repaired, and re-certified.



We produce calcium carbide in a variety of granulated sizes. Not only does the carbide size affect the reactivity of the carbide, but it also can determine the means to deliver the carbide from the delivery truck or railcar into your process.

Depending on the rate of usage of carbide, getting carbide into your process can be as simple as cans sliding down a chute, up to more complex pneumatic dispensing equipment that interfaces with your control and data systems.


While Carbide Industries LLC does not supply dispensing equipment, we will work closely with you and/or your vendor to insure you get safe and dependable dispensing of carbide.

From simply placing pallets of cans near the process to pneumatic piping of carbide from storage silos, Carbide Industries has a plan to allow you to economically and conveniently take advantage of carbide cost-savings.


Carbide in Containers


Cans, Drums, and Poly Bags

We ship calcium carbide in 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 30, and 55 gallon cans and drums. A 55 gallon drum may also contain 22 10-kg polybags of carbide. For your reference:

  • 1 gallon can holds approx. 10 lbs of carbide
  • 2.5 gallon can holds approx. 25 lbs
  • 5 gallon can holds approx. 50 lbs
  • 10 gallon can holds approx. 100 lbs
  • 30 gallon drum holds approx. 300 lbs
  • 55 gallon drum holds approx. 550 - 580 lbs
  • 55 gallon drum w/ poly bags holds approx. 440 lbs

These containers were chosen not only for ease-of-use of the customer, but also due to their safety features and ability to pass Department of Transportation qualification.

As with all our containers, the cans and drums are air and water tight. The lid is removed readily without the need to break the container open. In steel mills, cans are often added directly to the molten steel where they melt and release the carbide.


Carbide Industries LLC also offers the option of calcium carbide in sealed, 10 kg polypropylene bags packed in metal drums. Customers appreciate that bags are lighter, the carbide is mixed into the process quicker (no can to melt), and the drum can be located close to the process so that carbide is not hand-carried very far.

The polypropylene bags are 6 mils thick and 22 bags are packed in a 55 gallon sealed metal drum. The bags are sealed with a metal band for safety and for ease of opening.


Reusable Totes (Flo-bins)

The versatile, refillable, 5,000 lb flo-bin container shown below is an excellent bulk solution for most of our customers.

FlobinPicThe container is approved to be shipped over the road, or rail on open flatbeds, and stored out of doors. A flo-bin is the right size to be moved by a fork truck and brought directly to your process.


The flo-bin is an easy way to use carbide in bulk without the need for silos and bulk transfer systems. A typical gravity-fed dispensing system that is used with the flo-bin is discussed below.

Delivery to Your Process


Pallets and Chutes

WIth carbide delivered in cans, drums, or in bags, feeding carbide to the process can be as simple as sliding full, unopened cans of carbide or bags down a chute into the process. Cans and drums are shipped on pallets making it easy to offload from the delivery truck, store in a safe location, and then locate the pallets as needed right next to the chute.


This method for hand-gravity feeding is common when tapping an Electric Arc Furnace and at the Ladle Metallurgy Station (LMS) in steel mills. For example, at tap, four 25 lb cans are typically slid down a chute into the ladle along with the alloy additions.

Please contact us to learn more about using carbide at tap and at the LMS, to talk to our engineers, and to get an estimate of the cost savings from using carbide relative to your current deoxidation or desulfurization method.



Bulk Delivery System

The flo-bin is an easy way to use carbide in bulk without the need for silos and bulk transfer systems.

Typically, a flo-bin is hoisted to a dispensing stand that mates and seals with the flo-bin, as shown in the diagram below. Mounted to the stand is a metering rotary feeder valve that dispenses a prescribed amount of carbide.


A series of chutes below the rotary valve then moves the carbide via gravity to the process.


In development is a low-profile pneumatic dispenser for applications where there is little floor space or headroom for gravity feeding. For more information on carbide dispensing systems, please call or email us using the contact information below.


Pneumatic Systems

For higher usage of carbide than is practical by using palletized carbide drums and reusable carbide flo-bins, carbide can be pneumatically transferred to the process via pipes. This allows larger storage means to be used, such as silos accepting bulk trailer deliveries, and day-bins located close to the process. Such day-bins can then dispense via gravity, screw, or smaller pneumatic transporter directly to the process.

Carbide Industries has the necessary experience in materials, controls, safety interlocks, valving, etc. from our decades of experience of moving carbide throughout our own plant. We do not build or supply equipment, however we will work closely with you and/or your vendor to insure you get safe and dependable dispensing of carbide.


For example, shown is a pneumatic carbide transporter built by ESM Group, Inc. capable of transporting over 100 lbs/min of slag conditioning grade calcium carbide. Other examples in the field have such equipment being fed from silos and 20,000 lb day-bins.